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What is Fashionated


Fashionated  is a Start-Up (pending corporation) Company and the name is a pun of 2 words, Fashion and Fascinated. The main Idea of Fashionated started Developing during 2014, as participated in the biggest Global Start-Up Accelerator in the world based on Silicon Valley, Founder Institute.

Fashionated  is a Sophisticated online platform, which aim to Change the way you shop Clothes, offering Unique Shopping Experiences thanks to Smart Personalization and online Fitting Rooms.

The Final Shopping Platform, is currently developing and testing all those new features from custom participants (you can be one of them if you want). The LAUNCH of Fashionated, is estimated on
1st Quarter of 2017.

Main Problems


Today you don’t have enough Free Time to spend on searching clothes. You want to find NOW what you have in mind …


When you want to buy clothes, you want to buy exactly THIS, NOT something like this …


The main Reason people DON’T buy clothes from their home, is because they can’t Fit them on their body like they do in a store …


The Solution

Smart Decision System

Fashionated offer a Full Personalized Experience with an Innovative Smart Decision System, where we Gather Information, we Learn your Habits, what you Like and we collect Cookies.

After analyzing, we create for each Customer, a “STYLISH PERSONA”, and we Suggest exactly what match on them at the preferred Time. We also recognize returning visitors and welcome them with SPECIAL OFFERS.

Smart Decision System is getting improved and learn each person day by day. So, Fashionated after a while knows and suggest Clothes which are more likely to love and buy.

Fashionated is a platform for Everyone, but when YOU use it… is a platform ONLY for you. And why this?! Because it is PERSONALIZED in your character, your personality, your style and your habits.

Online Fitting Room

Imagine if you could Fit on your body new Clothes, before buy them… from your Home! We present you the Future of Online Shopping, which will change your Habits and the way you Shop Clothes…

Finally customers can live the Unique Experience of a Dressing Room but from their place thanks to Augmented Reality.

Using your PC (with web camera), Tablet or Smartphone, you can check the Fit, Size, Colors or clothes we suggest you and see how are looking on your body. Also you are able to snapshot and share the photo to social media, like if you were in a physical store.


  See How  


Fashionated Presentation

Watch our short Presentation, to get informed further about Fashionated.

Want to be one of the first worldwide, who will try Fashionated?See How


We Need You

We have decided to provide LIFETIME Privileges, like Exclusive Offers & Discounts, Free Shipping, Limited Edition Gifts to specific People who help us in this beginning!

Your contribution on this beginning is very important to know, if what we design meet your real needs and desires providing Unique Experiences. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS:

  • Online Survey
    Take part on the below Online Survey (aprox. 3-5 minutes),

  • Subscription
    In Subscribe Section, Subscribe your Name and Email,

  • Social Media
    Follow us in Social Media and Spread the News (Share).


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  • 78% Don’t Buy Clothes Online*
  • 1.8M Ecommerce Stores
  • 54Bn $ Online Apparel Market

* According to Personal Research, 78% of Frequent Online Shoppers (2-3 Buys per month), don’t buy clothes online because of Fitting Issues.

We look at the Future

  • Forbes

    Whereas early augmented reality was about “taking us into our own world,” the future will be about “group and collaborative experiences.”


    The Future of Retail Will Blow Your Mind. For the past few years, retailers didn’t have a fighting chance to compete with the personalization and convenience provided by online shopping.

  • TIME

    Augmented Reality Lets You Try On Clothes from Online Shops. If that isn’t enough, think of your poor, bored-to-death boyfriend poking at his iPhone quietly in the shoe section. He’ll be the most appreciative of the fact that you’re doing your shopping from home.

  • Mashable

    Augmented Reality Is Shaping the Future of Retail. In the next couple of years, customers will be able to try on clothes at home with no shipping required. Sound crazy? That is going to completely change retail.

  • The Next Web

    Instead of stepping into a fitting room to try on new clothes, shoppers may soon activate augmented reality on their personal device, making possible new shopping experiences.

  • HowStuffWorks

    Augmented reality is changing the way we view the world — or at least the way its users see the world.

  • TEDx

    The result of Apparel Shopping Personalization is that customers are becoming better informed about what they buy and are more likely to be happy with the purchases they make.

  • CWJobs

    The lack of the ‘try-on’ phase before buying for many products including fashion, jewellery, watches, glasses is an incentive for companies to try out AR applications.

  • Forbes

    The Future Is In Motion and Personalization…

  • Inc.

    Imagine you are shopping for clothes online. Instead of kidding yourself that a particularly nice get-up on the screen will fit, you can look at a virtual representation of the clothes on your body via a Web cam.

  • Business Insider

    Augmented Reality will have more than 25 million users by 2018.

  • Retailigence

    AR has become much more important to the online shopping experience, where it will be used to close the gap between what an online store and a physical store can do.


  • Team

    We are working hard to get finalized our Initial Team.

    When Fashionated "Dream Team" will be ready, we will announce each member in this section.

  • we-are-hiring

    Currently we need following Roles

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